States we have visited

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cooperstown, NY

Aug 19: We left PA on Monday and traveled through most of PA in very heavy fog.

We really had a good time in Cooperstown, Ny, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The area was beautiful. We took a long ride to Herkimer, Ny and did some minning for crystals. Got a few small pieces. It was very warm that day so we didn't mine for long. The nights were cool enough for a light hoody and a campfire. FINALLY!!!! Wish we could have stayed longer.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Aug 15:We had a great time in Hershey. We laid around the campground, went to Hershey Park and visited Indian Echo Caverns.

Bailey & Julia (Jerry's daughter )

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gettysburg, PA

Aug 3: Today was a long but great day! We got an early start (unusual) and drove 38 miles to York, PA to the Harley Davidson factory. We stopped on the way and had great pizza. Once there we walked through a very nice showroom with lots of pieces and parts of motorcycles and bikes to sit on and dream about. We couldn't take to factory tour because you had to be 12 yrs old. We looked around the gift shop and picked up a couple of pins and a sticker for the garage.

We got back on the bikes and headed back to Gettysburg (38 miles) for some R&R. As we were driving we spotted a new bar opening up called the "Cazyhorse Saloon". WE also stopped at the Gettysburg Harley Davidson to get our Gettysburg t-shirts.

We got up the next morning for another early start. Yeah!!! We drove into town, parked, had some lunch and window shopped for a while. We drove a few blocks over and went to the Gettysburg Diorama. It is a miniature scale of the town and battlefield with a narration of the three day battle. Lights and sounds.... very interesting.

Saturday we got up and headed to a farmers market in Hanover. Then we went back to Gettysburg to get our swimsuits and Sadie for her first ride on the bike. Jerry's mom Debbie was gracious and invited us to her house, in Chambersburg, to swim and play. Bailey meet Jerry's kids and we had a great time. Thx Debbie for your hospitality. In total we rode about 100 miles today on the bikes. Great Day!!!!!!

We did a little cleaning on Sunday. Rearranged the basement (the compartments under the RV). And mostly took it easy.

Had to have some repairs done on the trike.

We are going to Hershey,PA Monday.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Summersville, WV

July 30: We decided to go over to WV and visit Ronnie's friend Scott and his family. Another 8 hour drive, but the scenery is beautiful. And the further into WV we got the cooler the temperature. AHHHHH. We got to test the Shuttle Discovery and her garage (the trailer) in the mountains. Stupid GPS. There is no section telling it we are in a 36ft RV with a 16ft enclosed trailer loaded with 2 motorcycles. We got on this road I'm still not convinced a bicycle could navigate. But we made it. Ronnie did a great job getting us there.

The campground was on a mountain overlooking a beautiful lake. But again not a KOA. NO SEWAGE. And not much to do.

Ronnie spent a lot of time with his buddy playing music together. Apparently they had their first band together. "Electric Peanut Butter" :) Bailey and I made the most of our time hanging out together.

Scott and his wife Nikki invited us to dinner and some family was there. So the boys took advantage of the time and had an impromptu jam session.

The mountains are gorgeous here and the weather was more than you could ask for.

Happy Trails !!!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Still in Williamsburg...

July 27: So I know everyone is wondering if everyday is a great big, fun, exciting adventure. Well not always. So here is the tale of our first meltdown.

We woke early and got all the things we needed to head to River Country USA . I had never been to water park, but my sister goes a lot so she had great advise on things to bring and how to enjoy the park. The day started out great. We got in the park changed into our swim suits and headed to the first slide we saw. It was lots of fun. We got on a couple more slides and went to chill in the wave pool. FUN!! We decided to grab a bite to eat. ( $52.00, Crap, I forgot the part about "pack a lunch" Jen ) We went back to the wave pool and should have stayed there. This is when the day took a turn. We were standing in line for a slide that was rather high, long, and completely in the dark. Ronnie & I were excited, but Bailey was getting nervous and saying he didn't want to go. The line was very long and we were all hot so lets just say it went down hill from there. It is very hard to go to amusement parks with B cause he doesn't like to ride. So anyway that was the end of the day at the park. We went home ( RV ) mad, hot, and tiered. So this was our first meltdown on the trip. I am sure we will have more, but the goal is to learn. Right?

Catch Up....NC

July 26: I'm sorry I have been very lazy with the blog. I have no excuses.

We spent 3 days in Cape Hatteras, NC. It was very beautiful, but soooo windy. The RV rocked so much I thought we were at sea. At least my stomach felt that way. Going to the beach was difficult also. It felt like we were getting a sand blasting. Anyway, we spent some time on the beach. Bailey got a skim board and got pretty good. Ronnie got some great wind for his kite. And I got a great tan.

We left Cape Hatteras a day earlier than planed and headed north to Virginia.

More Williamsburg......

July 27: We decided not to go to Bush Gardens, because one of the lessons I have learn as a parent is to pick your battles. So we mostly hung out at the campsite and went to the pool.

We had gone to a resturant earlier in the week and saw that they were gonna have karaoke on Friday. So dressed up ( jeans and our new Harley shirts ) and went to have some fun. We took CrazyHorse with us, as I'm sure he was missing karaoke. Me & Ronnie sang a couple of songs and we all had a great time.